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Tips to Reshape a Damaged Fedora

octobre 24, 2020 1 lire la lecture

Accidents happen when you least expect it and bam, your prized hat loses its shape. Smashed brims, dented crowns require reshaping. Using steam to get things moving is a great start, but be sure to use these tips to snap your hat back into shape:

  • Use both hands to guide steamed sections of the hat back where they need to be. You can use an open palm for large sections and your fingers to focus in on smaller parts. 
  • Check the overall shape of the fedora periodically while reshaping so that the general shape keeps moving in the right direction. 
  • The brim is a classic element of the fedora. Make sure you know the style of your brim before reshaping it so it ends up looking like new! 
  •  For felt hats that require reshaping of the brim, you can steam the brim but make sure it is heated evenly and work your way around the hat until it's back to its original shape.

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